Poetry For The Soul, Med School Romance, and Pot

I'm just a student, what do I know?
I have no answers and my brain works too slow.

Please don't pimp me,
I hate how it feels,

Show me the light,
Teach me to heal.

Give me a chance,
Guide me along,

I want to learn stuff to help people and things of the similar also know to show people feel nice and good.

I am a medical student. This is a scenario that happened to me at clinic yesterday:
A patient came to the office because she was "pregnant". She had 4 positive home pregnancy tests in November and last week she had a serum pregnancy test. She was at the office for follow-up and to hear the results of the serum pregnancy test. My preceptor gave me the results. They were negative for HCG. So, the patient really wasn't pregnant. But, she actually thought she was, since November. I HAD TO DELIVER THIS NEWS ON MY OWN. NOT FUN.

Sites of Note

Medical School Romances

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1. Gay men seek 'female cancer' jab
"Homosexual men are requesting a controversial "sex disease" vaccine designed to prevent a female cancer. Gardasil protects against the most common of sexually transmitted infections, human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer. But HPV also causes genital warts and anal and penile cancer, and men argue the jab would guard against these."

2. Expert says ban all alcohol ads
"A leading doctor says all advertising of alcohol must be banned in a bid to curb Britain's growing drink problem."

3. 10 years after Dolly: Clones, crooks and crazies
en years ago today, the birth of the first cloned mammal — a sweet-faced sheep named Dolly — was announced to the world. Her creators, a team of veterinary scientists at Scotland’s Roslin Institute, approached their landmark scientific achievement with a sense of humor: They named the lamb after Dolly Parton. (The DNA they used to clone her came from a breast cell.) Much of the rest of the world, however, was not amused....."

4. Group sues feds over medical marijuana claim
Armed with a new study showing the drug can ease pain in some HIV patients, medical-marijuana advocates sued the federal government Wednesday over its claim that pot has no accepted medical uses."

5. Eat Smart: Five important goals to improve your diet
"You can make a fresh start with a few easily attainable nutrition goals of your own. Pick one, two, or all five that we suggest, and make an effort to incorporate the changes into your eating routine. We'll give you everyday ideas for ways to meet these goals -- and keep in mind that even incremental improvements count toward your overall goal."

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